Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System


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Vactrap™  from Foxx Life Sciences is the world’s most advanced vacuum trap system, adhering to the strictest CDC recommendations for laboratory safety. Ideal for protecting vacuum lines and users, Vactrap™ safely contains waste produced during supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, Vactrap™ comes ready to use, and fully assembled. Simply attach to your vacuum source and begin your experiment.

 Vactrap™ combines ease-of-use with revolutionary options and features to produce a new step forward in vacuum trap technology. From HDPE versions for ultimate bleach compatibility to the inclusion of Foxx’s tangle-free VersaCap® closures, scientists now have access to better solutions at a lower cost.

Say goodbye to glass. Say hello to Vactrap™.

  1.  Chemically-resistant tubing accepts Pasteur pipettes and other attachments for versatile aspiration
  2. Patented VersaCap® technology elimates tube tangling
  3. Thick-walled, shatter- proof heavy duty bottles are available in HDPE and PP options
  4. Inline 0.2μm PTFE vent filter retains all aerosolized bacteria
  5. Pinch clamp allows for modulation of  vacuum at point of aspiration
  6. Four feet of tubing for flexibility in BSC or lab bench
  7. Sturdy secondary container prevents spills and substantially decreases risk of tipping



• Vactrap™ is available in autoclavable PP
or chemically-resistant HDPE
• Each Vactrap™ includes the patented
VersaCap closure for tangle-free opening
and closing
• A 0.2μm PTFE inline vent filter retains any
aerosolized bacteria and protects the
house vacuum or pump
• The entire assembly is nested neatly in a
secondary container with a small footprint
and incredible stability against tipping
• Pinch clamp allows for vacuum
• 40 CFR 264.175 compliant
• Do not use bottles at temperature greater
than the rated maximum
• Do not flame bottles
• Do not use for long-term storage of strong
organic compouds
•Do not use for continuous 24 hour full