Protein Expression Media

Unique blends of Expression Media that increase the expression of proteins in E. coli up to 20 times more than industry standard LB Broth has been developed by AthenaES. Easy-to-use Media Optimization Kit, s researchers to quickly determine which medium expresses their protein. Each of the media are also available for purchase separately in different formats of powdered, liquid, and animal free certified formulations and in various convenient sizes.

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Media Optimization Kit™
Determine the medium for expression of recombinant proteinsProtein Expression Media
ACES™ Kits
Kits designed to fully encompass the entire expression process from building plasmid vectors to recovery of purified product.Protein Expression Media
ExpressMax™ Fermentation Media
Fermentation media for protein productionProtein Expression Media
Turbo Broth™

Media ideal for base of fermentation cultures, yields 4 to 5 times that of LB BrothTurbo Broth™, Single Packs - box of 10
Superior Broth™Ideal Media for large-scale plasmid preparationProtein Expression Media
Power Broth™Media ideal for base of fermentation cultures, yields 3 to 4 times that of LB BrothProtein Expression Media
Hyper Broth™Media ideal as base for fermentation cultures and feed-batch applicationsProtein Expression Media
Glucose M9YMinimal medium formulation supplemented with yeast extractProtein Expression Media
LB BrothIndustry standard, available in Luria, Lennox, and Miller formulationsProtein Expression Media
Animal-Product-Free Media
APF Certified™ Media, Available in Liquid or PowderProtein Expression Media
Animal-Product-Free Certified™ casein hydrolysate replacementProtein Expression Media
LB Booster™
Medium additive for improving productivity of LB BrothProtein Expression Media
Pre-induction Conditioner for increasing level of expressionProtein Expression Media
Glucose Nutrient Mix
APF Certified™ medium supplement for enhancing expressionProtein Expression Media
ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit
used to evaluate Promoter Activity to optimize Expression LevelsProtein Expression Media
ACES™ Signal Sequence KitExport Proteins Using SEC, SRP or TAT pathwayProtein Expression Media
ACES™ YebF Protein Export Kit
YebF Protein Chaperones Target Protein Through
E.coli Membranes
Protein Expression Media
ACES™ Accessory Products
Plasmids, media, media supplements, antibodiesProtein Expression Media
PERK™ Protein Expression Rescue Kit
Maximize soluble protein during expressionProtein Expression Media