How to Order

  1. Orders can be placed online directly through our website at:

  2. Telephone orders can be placed by calling our customer service at tel: 732-595-7680

  3. Purchase orders can be filled out using our Order form and emailed to [email protected]

  4. Customers outside continental US  and Canada are subject to minimum purchase of  $1000.00. Additional shipping charges apply.
  5. MOQs apply for each order , they vary depending on each supplier.
  6. Free Shipping for all orders over $800.00 in Tristate area (NJ, NY and CT) .Other states and Hawaii Shipping charges will be calcultated at the time of shipping and will be added to the invoice.
  7. Products that need to be shipped overnight on Dry Ice.Additional Shipping Charges apply  .
  8. Shipping charges extra for all products that need to shipped overnight and with Dry Ice and special packaging.
  9. Alcohol Hazmat ground shipping Charges will be $45.00 extra per shipment.