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Disposable Borosilicate Glass Pasteur Pipets, 9 Inch Pipet Length, 1000 per CaseKing fisher deepwell plates1000ul pipettes filter tipsassaycell_protein_expression_production_media

AssayCell Technologies supplies leading edge innovative molecular, cell biology reagents and consumables to researchers from laboratories across academia, biopharma, biotech industry and consumer care.

Our portfolio of products include effective and quality cell culture media and supplies, biochemical reagents,laboratory supplies, analytical chromatography columns. Please visit for our HPLC columns.

We also supply  a wide selection of name brand general laboratory supplies, Go green serological pipettes and other biodegradable products, glassware, small instruments and equipment. We offer a complete range of products for your  life sciences , Pharma  and educational laboratory requirements.

Our experienced scientific team offers expertise, in technical and hands on consultation for your bioscience research and product development.

If  there is anything you cannot find on our website, Please contact us. 

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