Mammalian Cell Culture Products

SFM Screening KitDetermine the best SFM formulation for your cell type
IMDMIndustry standard Serum-Free Medium
FNC Coating Mix®Dramatically increases attachment of cells for mammalian cell line cultures
BRFF-BMZERO™SFM Media ideal for growing human breast cells
BRFF-HPC1™Excellent SFM Media for establishing new cell lines from human prostate tissue
BRFF-EPM2™SFM Media optimized for human esophageal epithelial cells and cancer cell lines
BRFF-P4-8F™SFM Media designed to grow immortalized normal prostatic cell line 267-B1.6
DMEM/F12SFM Media for general use, effective in culturing a wide range of cell types
PET™Cell dissociation reagent for use with "Cold Trypsin" method
Freezing Media PairDual-cryopreservation system used to safely store viable cells grown in Serum-Free Media.
SILAC Amino AcidsStable isotope labeled amino acids
SILAC MediaMedia without amino acids for labeling experiments
Hepes Buffered SalineSaline rinse for washing harvested cells
Bovine Pituitary ExtractPrepared from SBE-free animals that recieved rigorous inspections