Drosophila Vials


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Kord-Valmark™ Drosophila vials are made in the U.S.A. and precision molded from premium grade Polystyrene, K-Resin or Polypropylene. These straight walled vials allow for easy filling, plugging and racking. All fly vials can be purchased in either five 10 x 10 tray packs or bulk packs of 500 vials.

The Polystyrene fly vials offer superior visual clarity. These fly vials are a safer, lighter and more economical alternative to glass vials.

The K-Resin fly vials offer rugged durability. This unique material is highly flexible, virtually unbreakable and scratch-resistant. Therefore, K-Resin vials are an excellent choice for freezing and shipping.

The Polypropylene vials are just as strong as K-Resin at a significantly lower . Polypropylene fly vials are fully autoclavable and virtually indestructible, offering good clarity and cost savings.

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