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AssayCell Technologies is an emerging supplier of specialty, innovative, molecular and cellular biology assay kits and reagents with the aim to support life science researchers. With the fast-paced research in Biopharma, Biotech industry and Clinical field, we greatly value the importance of having readily available, fail-proof assay reagents and kits to save you time and focus your efforts on your key research goals. By strategic partnerships with several leading manufacturers of state of the art reagents, we bring to you a unique array of research tools at competitive pricing and shortest possible transit times.

Our expert research team and consultants always standby to guide you through selection of innovative reagents, help with best and effective use of cutting edge reagents, protocols and tailoring the newest products to your needs. At AssayCell Technologies, we value our customers and strive to provide quality products customized to your evolving research needs.

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Disposable Borosilicate Glass Pasteur Pipets, 9 Inch Pipet Length, 1000 per CaseKing fisher deepwell plates1000ul pipettes filter tipsassaycell_protein_expression_production_media


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